Key Stage 3 Learning

Active Travel

Learning is made fun with Lilly, Anika and Joel. They will guide you to find out more about Active Travel: what it is, how it can benefit you and others, and how to get started!

You will learn about; the benefits of Active Travel, setting goals and making a plan, safety, seeking support, and more!

Key Stage 3 learning

'On Your Feet' is an exciting and interactive way to learn about Active Travel and to ultimately set goals and make a plan to adopt more Active Travel behaviours.

This interactive learning module combines motivating work, as well as information giving and planning support to develop skills and motivation that will increase young people's Active Travel choices. On Your Feet has been carefully designed to address young people’s barriers to adopting Active Travel. It also incorporates Behaviour Change Techniques (BCTs) that have been shown to be effective with this age group. The intervention covers topics such as, the benefits of Active Travel (e.g., health benefits, confidence, socialising, gaining a sense of independence, and benefits to communities and to the environment), motivating factors, barriers and solutions (including state of mind, such as an intentional focus on solutions), making a plan (e.g., planning tools, breaking goals down to achievable steps), encouragement, safety/bike safety, information giving, and seeking social support.

Access is granted to schools by local authorities who have signed up to the program. Each local authority will have their own login which will grant access to start using the comic and to view the Parents/Schools information and resources guide

If you are a local authority interested in signing up, just use the contact form at the bottom of this page to begin